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Uphill Rush 2 USA Racing

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Uphill Rush 2 USA Racing is a 2D platform racing video game developed by Spil Games which are one of the most successful mobile game development studios in the world with huge titles such as 'My Dolphin Show' which has been downloaded and played millions of times and currently has over 873,000 reviews that add up to 4.5 stars out of 5 for the game.

Uphill Rush 2 USA Racing is a reskin of another game from Spil Games called 'Uphill Rush Water Park Racing' where you race on a giant waterpark waterslide with jet skis and inflatables. Uphill Rush Water Park Racing is very popular with currently 559,000 reviews that add up to a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. The fact that the predecessor of Uphill Rush 2 USA Racing is so popular shows that this game has a lot of potential to become successful as it already has the ingredients of a previously successful game.

Uphill Rush 2 USA Racing


- Uphill Rush 2 USA Racing comes currently with two massive new worlds each with multiple maps of varying difficulties that will keep you occupied for a very long time.

- There is a multiplayer mode available for the game that allows you to battle your friends and family to see who is the best at the game.

- There is a lot of customization in the game such as different vehicles, different styles for the vehicles and tons of upgrades for your vehicles.

- There is a big element of strategy in Uphill Rush 2 USA Racing as upgrades points are hard to come by so you need to choose carefully how to upgrade your vehicle by either focusing on speed, balance, traction, acceleration or the strength of your vehicle which allows it to take more damage before it breaks down.

- Stunts in this game are encouraged as they allow you to gain extra points and XP. This is a great feature as it makes the game more interesting due to the added risk of crashing due to people being incentivized to do tricks.

- The developers of Uphill Rush 2 USA Racing are experienced driving and racing game developers as they have also created two other such popular video games, Uphill Rush: Water Park and also Thrill Rush: Roller Coaster Racing.


- The game tries to make you buy in-game items in order to upgrade faster or to get boosts that allow you to complete levels much more easily.

- The game is a reskin of another game which means that the developers have simply changed the graphics and title of another game to create this game. This can annoy a lot of players who may feel that the developers of this game have not put a lot of effort into creating it.

- There are only 30 levels currently in Uphill Rush 2 USA Racing which makes the game very easy and quick to complete. The developers Spil Games definitely need to add more content and levels into the game in order to maintain the fanbase.


Uphill Rush 2 USA Racing is a reskin of another popular game which makes the developers seem very lazy but apart from that the game is definitely up there with the top driving and racing games on the Google Play store.

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