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Top Speed Formula Racing Extreme Car Stunts

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Top Speed Formula Racing Extreme Car Stunts is a formula one racing stunt game that is developed by the studio play.io who are responsible for other video games like Shopping Mall Radio Taxi: Car Driving Taxi Games, US Police Bike 2019 - Gangster Chase and Train Driving Simulator: Train Games 2018 to name just a few of their games. Currently, Top Speed Formula has a total of over 3000 reviews and an overall rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars.

Top Speed Formula Racing Extreme Car Stunts


- Formula One racing games are not very common in the racing game genre on the Google Play store so if you are a big Formula One fan then this is definitely a game that you should try.

- Top Speed Formula is a very exciting game as you are driving the cars at very high speeds while also jumping platforms and trying to land without crashing or falling off the mid-air platforms.

- The graphics and resolution of the game are very high quality which is an added bonus to this already great game, the sound production is also pretty impressive as you can hear every little sound effect when the Formula One car drifts, accelerates or even crashes into barriers.


- Top Speed Formula is not a realistic Formula One game so if you are an avid Formula One fan looking for a realistic Formula One game then this is not the game for you.- There is no ability to upgrade your cars or customize the way they look, this is a feature that the developers 'play.io' definitely need to take a look at.

- There is not a lot of realism in this game in terms of the car breaking or wearing down when you crash it instead you just get a game over screen.


We recommend this game as we feel that it is a game that you should try out if you are a Formula One fan and also like racing games that have nice graphics and smooth gameplay.

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