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Thrill Rush Theme Park

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Thrill Rush Theme Park is a 2D platform racing game that lets you race around a theme park by controlling your rollercoaster carriage that goes off and on the rollercoaster rails. The game is developed by Spil Games which is a well-known mobile and tablet game developer that has many well-performing games on the Google Play Store such as My Dolphin Show that has over 870,00 reviews with an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 and also Uphill Rush Water Park Racing which has 559,000 reviews currently with an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.


- Thrill Rush Theme Park currently is set in two worlds each with their own set of maps. It is a good idea for there to be some variety of worlds as it makes the game more interesting and refreshing to play.

- The game is also created in a way that allows you to play both offline and online and your progress and score will still continue to be saved. This is a great feature as it is not always possible to have your device connected to an internet connection.

- Thrill Rush Theme Park has a lot of customization options for the rollercoaster vehicles which include options such as unicorns, dolphins and a dog as the options for your rollercoaster carriage. In total there are currently over 40 different skins for your rollercoaster vehicles.

- The customization options do not just stop at the rollercoaster vehicles but there are also 25 different costumes available for your character. The costumes can be earned throughout the game as you level up and progress through the levels or alternatively they can be bought with real life money.

Thrill Rush Theme Park


- There is not a lot of levels in this game which makes it very easy and quick to complete so it results in a lot of the players losing interest in the game very fast.

- Thrill Rush Theme Park is full of advertisements that appear after levels, before levels and are also available if you want to double the points you have earned after a mission.

- Despite there being some variety in Thrill Rush Theme Park there is still not enough variety, the developers Spil Games need to work on adding more worlds, levels, vehicles, and features into the game to increase the number of time users spend playing it.

- This racing video game is targetted more at a younger audience so it may not be appealing to the majority of older players.


Thrill Rush Theme Park is a great game but it is not one of the most original or innovative racing games out there however it is great for teenagers and children especially girls.

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