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Real Bike Racing

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Racing games have been around since the beginning of the game industry itself, so it's difficult for any game to stand out in this competitive field. Mobile phone's games are no exception; nowadays, a lot of very competitive racing games are available to download.

How does Real Racing Bike perform as a mobile racing game? The answer is AVERAGE. When you develop games for mobile phones you have to take into account the immense amounts of different 'performance' levels of every possible phone the game will be played at; however, for Real Bike Racing, it seems that developers just though the game was going to be played at average to low-end mobile phones. Having said that, GRAPHICS ARE AVERAGE in comparison with other racing games.

When it comes to the INTERFACE, it's VERY FRIENDLY. The game has an easy-to-read starting menu, and it goes to the point right away - Quick Game, Career and VR modes. Once you type the name of the pilot, you're directed to the first race.

Real Bike Racing

GAMEPLAY is SIMPLE AND FUN. Once you finish the first race - and depending on the position you ended - you receive money, and you have the chance to upgrade your bike - brakes, exhaust, handling, etc. Every time you win a race - in the first 3 places - you have the chance to unlock the next track and competition, so you go on and on until you unlock all tracks and become a champion. One quite annoying thing is the gear-change sound - or the lack of it -when you're driving, it sounds like the bike has just one gear and it goes to the top of it quite fast, so you hear the 'top' of the gear sound all the race.

CONTROLS are surprisingly GOOD, maybe because of average graphics, the mobile phone's processor has the chance to manage the accelerometer at will, and you can notice it, every turn you make is almost always very smooth.

In conclusion, the game is OK, it does the job, it's fun, smooth and easy to play, but it fails on the graphics and innovation - it doesn't have a story at all - departments, making it somehow 'forgettable'.

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