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Parking King

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Parking King is a parking simulator game where you have to park different vehicles in harder and harder parking spaces as you progress through the levels in the game. The game is developed by mobirix studios that have other fairly successful video games under their belt such as 'Bricks Breaker Quest' which has currently 185,000 reviews with an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 plus an Editors' Choice badge which means that an employee at Google Play store recommends the game.

- In Parking King you have the option to control your car using bird view where you look at your car in the third person from above and also in first person view where you are inside the car. There is no incentive or requirement to choose either one during missions instead it is up to what the player prefers to use.

- The driving in Parking King is very realistic rather than being arcade-like, which will make a lot of gamers that are looking for that authentic driving experience very happy.

- Good quality and a wide variety of choice are available in the background music of the game. The background music makes the game a lot more enjoyable to play while you are thinking of what to do during the harder levels.

- There is a lot of strategy and trial and error in this game, it will take a lot of losing on some levels to finally master the technique needed to maneuver around certain obstacles.

Parking King

- Parking King currently lets you drive only using a steering wheel, which is a big disadvantage as the majority of other parking simulator games let you choose between using an 'arrows' interface or a steering wheel.

- There is no ability to upgrade any of your cars, instead, all cars in the game currently feel exactly the same. It will be a great feature that will make the game more interesting and replayable.

- In Parking King there are currently only 40 levels that can easily be completed in a few hours of playing, the developers of the game 'mobirix' need to add more levels to Parking King in order to keep fans of the game interested.

Parking King is an excellent parking simulator game that has 40 levels which is a decent amount but the developers of the game definitely need to add more levels. Customization and upgrades of all the vehicles in the game is also needed, the upgrades can be combined with new harder levels where you will need a much better car in order to complete them.

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