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Never Stops

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Never Stops is a parkour racing game where you control your own custom character and you need to control him to get through the various obstacles on the maps in each level. Never Stops is developed by MOBILENOVO studios who are the developers of other popular games on the Google Play store such as Go Kart! which has over 2,500 reviews with an overall rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 and also Skipping Ball which has over 760 reviews with an overall rating of 4.1 stars out of 5.

Never Stops


- Never Stops is a very simple and linear game where your character is always running forwards and you have to time their jumps correctly in order to avoid obstacles and prevent your character from falling off the edge and falling to his death.

- The game has very crisp and unique artwork that helps different components of the map stand out. This is a good decision that is probably done on purpose in order to make it easier for player's to dodge obstacles in the later levels where the pace of the game is much faster.

- Credit is due for the originality of the game, rather than going with the usual car theme for racing games instead Never Stops incorporates parkour which is a very popular activity in younger people's lives and helps the game stand out from other 2D platformer racing games.

- Never Stops is a very well made platformer where you are really required to train your skills and timing in the game by continuously dying over and over again to develop your muscle memory.


- The game is developed by MOBILENOVO which are not a game development studio with a lot of experience or success with any of the games they have released so far on the Google Play store. The lack of a good track record by the company behind Never Stops will make some users wary over putting money into the game or even starting to play the game at all.

- There is currently only 30 levels in the game which means that when users complete it they have nothing else to do in the game but replay levels they have already completed. An endless level mode will be a good addition to the game as it will give users that have finished the game something to do and a place to hone their skills.

- There is a lot of advertisements embedded in this game which at times can make it very annoying for users, the developers of the game should at least add the ability to be able to pay to permanently remove ads from the game.


In conclusion, Never Stops is not a bad game however it is not a game that deserves a lot of praise as it doesn't bring too much to the racing and platformer game genres. The game is a good stepping stone fro MOBILENOVO in the racing genre of games however they need to focus more on making original, innovative games that will guarantee their success in the long-term rather than creating re-skins of other popular games on the Google Play store.

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