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MX Motocross

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MX Motorcross is a 2D racing video game developed by 'vndynapp' that is praised for its realistic physics that create a challenging, fun and rewarding game. The developers of the game, 'vndynapp' are an averagely successful development studio that has a few games that have received limited success such as 'Xiangqi - Chinese Chess' and 'Lines 2K - Colors Balls'.

This is also not the first bike racing game developed by them with 'MX Motorcross Superbike' being another one of their titles that received good feedback with over 40,000 reviews and an overall rating of 4 stars out of 5. MX Motorcross, on the other hand, has over 35,000 reviews and an overall rating on the Google Play store of 4 stars out of 5.

MX Motocross


- The game's developers have spent a lot of time creating realistic physics that mirror those in the real world, this is an awesome feature as it makes the game stand out from other bike racing video games who do no incorporate realistic physics.

- MX Motorcross allow you to use the tilt of your phone as a way to control your bike in the game. This is an interesting feature that can make the game more fun and challenging to play.

- There is a fuel game mechanic where you need to make sure to be always picking up fuel boosts to power your bike because if you run out of fuel it is game over.

- MX Motorcross runs very smoothly on pretty much all Android phones and tablets thanks to the low file sizes of its graphics inventory which do not require high specs to run.


- The option to tilt your phone right and left in order to control the bike in the game can make the game unplayable when you are in public for example in the train, bus or in a restaurant.

- The graphics of the game are very simple and are not designed specifically for the game instead they are stock images, for example, the backgrounds are just pictures of some kind of landscape. The developers of the game should put more effort into creating custom graphics for the game to make it more enjoyable to play.

- In MX Motorcross sometimes advertisements may appear during a level instead of before or after you have completed it which severely ruins the game's experience.


In conlusion, MX Motorcross is a good bike racing game due to its physics and endless levels however the graphics are very basic and will put a lot of people off. The developers of the game also need to stop advertisements from appearing in the middle of the game as that puts people off and can make them even lose in a level because of advertisements if they lose their rhythm.

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