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Hill Climb Racing 2

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Hill Climb Racing 2 is the successor of the very popular Hill Climb Racing video game, Hill Climb Racing 2 tries to build on the success of its predecessor by adding great features such as league rankings, leaderboards and even teams where you create your very own teams and try to be the team with the most wins and highest average league rankings. Hill Climb Racing 2 is developed by Fingersoft which is a Finnish game developer that has only published two games in total both of them part of the Hill Climb Racing series. Currently, Hill Climb Racing 2 has over 3.3 million reviews that give a total rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

Hill Climb Racing 2


- The league tables in Hill Climb Racing 2 gives you something to aim for and makes the game a lot more replayable. In fact it is not so easy to complete the game as to join the Diamond 3 league (which is currently the highest) it will take you hundreds of hours and the need to go through over 10 other leagues and even once you get to the top league you still have to work hard to stay there.

- Leagues are not the only great feature there are also cups that are similar to leagues but instead, those rankings refresh every season and after every refresh, you have to work your way up again.

- The game gets frequently updated with new vehicles, maps, and other game features. This helps keep the game fresh and the player base interested to come back and continue to play the game.

- There are close to 30 different maps in the game set in different environments such as farms, plains, ice slopes, in urban cities and even in tunnels underground. Maps also tend to become more challenging as you progress up the league rankings with every new league you progress in you unlock a new map.

- In Hill Climb Racing 2 there is currently 21 different vehicles each with their different benefits with for example some vehicles being more speed focused while others being more traction focused which is good for climbing up steep hills. This adds a bit of strategy as it offers you to choose vehicles that will have the best performance on different maps. Furthermore, for each vehicle, you have multiple upgrades and also what is known in the game as 'tuning parts' which are essentially add-ons that you add to limited spots on your vehicle and they give your vehicle a bonus trait such as increased speed, increased traction or reduced recoil when you hit the ground hard.


- The game at times can be very time consuming and demanding which will put a lot of casual players off who want to just enjoy the game rather than feeling like they need to spend hours every week to maintain their league ranking.

- In Hill Climb Racing 2 there are a lot more microtransactions compared to Hill Climb Racing which may disappoint fans of the original game.

- There are a lot of advertisements in this game, the advertisements tend to appear after the end of every race and there is also the option to double the coins and points you have earned in the game by watching a 30-second advertisement.


Hill Climb Racing 2 is a simple 2D racing game however its League and Cup features which add competitiveness and extra incentive to spend a lot of time playing the game create a strong community that makes the game a lot more fun to play. If I was to suggest an improvement for the game it will be that they add more options for casual players which will definitely benefit the game.

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