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Drive for Speed: Simulator

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Drive for Speed: Simulator is a driving simulator game developed by Play365 studios who are responsible for other popular video games on the Google Play store such as tower defence game 'Game of Warriors' which has over 731,000 reviews with a total rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 and also running platformer game 'Bus Rush' which currently has 774,000 reviews with a total rating of 4 stars out of 5.


- The game is an open-world sandbox video game that allows you to drive and go anywhere in a massive open world that includes roads in urban cities, highways and wildlife environments. This game is great for players who are just looking to relax and drive while not playing seriously.

- There are currently also 4 types of missions available in the game that require you to drive to and from different locations by abiding with traffic laws as much as possible by not crashing into other cars or buildings, not driving through red lights or speeding for example.

- As you play the game you get more points and money to spend on buying new better, faster cars that you can customize to look the way you want. There are currently 20 different cars to choose from with some being harder to unlock than others.

- The graphics and performance of the game are amazing for an open world video game that runs on Android mobile and tablet devices.

Drive for Speed: Simulator


- The game can be boring for players looking for more of a challenge. The game right now is more targetted at casual players who want to relax by driving around the open world map.

- There is currently no multiplayer mode in Drive for Speed: Simulator, it will be a great addition to the game as multiplayer along with an open world is a killer combo.

- Drive for Speed: Simulator is full of advertisements which really ruin the open world sandbox experience and immersion. It would be a good idea for the developers of the game Play365 to add an option for players to pay and remove advertisements which will allow more serious fans of the game to enjoy the game without having to worry about advertisements popping up all over the place.


Drive for Speed: Simulator has good graphics and performance which when coupled with the big open world map of the game makes it a good game. However if you are looking for a game with a lot of things to do, this is not the game for you, instead, this game is ideal for very casual players who want to play to relax.

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