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Crazy for Speed

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When it comes to racing games for mobile phones, the list to choose from is massive: simulators, rally, bike racing, demolition derby, drag racing, you name it, virtually every type of game you want is available for you to download.

Crazy for Speed is a top-rated racing game, and for good reasons. Even though there are games currently available on Playstore that have better graphics, Crazy for Speed doesn't do it badly at all; this game VISUALS AND SOUNDS ARE VERY GOOD, especially when you consider how smooth this game runs. The design of the cars and tracks are very detailed, and even when the game doesn't use the 'real' name of the vehicles, you can tell immediately what brand and model of the car you're playing with, just because of how good the cars look.

The INTERFACE is very FRIENDLY and straight-to-the-point but, in some submenus, you might get a little bit confused with so many options to choose from - although it will take you no time to figure out what every button 'does'.

Crazy for Speed

GAMEPLAY is GOOD and very simple. Upgrading the car is easy: you win a couple of races, earn points, and with one click, your vehicle is at the top of its performance. When you're racing the steering is just left or right, one button to brake, and another one for the nitrous - the car accelerates by default. The first tracks are too simple, but as you go through the game, they get more difficult. One good thing to point out about the racing experience is that brake during corners doesn't just slow you down, but it makes you drift - in a controllable way - which increases the fun during races. Real songs are played in the background in every track, which makes the experience a lot nicer.

The game has only two DRAWBACKS: THE ADS and THE IN-GAME PURCHASES. Between any race - that sometimes takes just 1 or 2 minutes - you have to wait for almost half a minute watching an ad to continue to the next menu, that's very common on mobile games, but in this particular case, adds take too long to end. In-game purchases are present in every menu you select; even during the race if you run out of nitrous and you press the nitrous button, a pop-up purchase menu appears immediately.

All things considered, Crazy for Speed is a VERY GOOD game. It has fun gameplay and excellent graphics, and, if you don't mind to get interrupted by an ad or two, this game will surely entertain you for hours.

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