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Crazy for Speed 2

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Crazy for Speed 2 is a racing game full of authenticity and remarkable accuracy. It has suitable graphics that expose precise shading, contrast, geometry, and offers you a stunning rendering of the highway plentiful in appearance so much that you’ll almost not be able to tell the dissimilarity between this and the real life. The clouds in the interspace are totally a sight to discern as well as town depiction. With each window on the high-rise buildings lit up to provide you that spirited urban feel.

The melody that plays upon initiating the game is just awesome. It’s a swift tempo techno sound with a thorough beat and diversity of artificial instruments that place you straight into the competitive spirit, and the fierce world of fast-moving disarray on the expressway where the sky is the limit. A tutorial will show up that discloses to you how to drive and use the brakes. The brakes are a piece of cake as they are located on both sides of your screen.

Crazy for Speed 2

Do not confound them with the accelerator, as the vehicle will consistently move at high speed, thus no need to manage that yourself. However, if you adore drifting, you may consistently tap on the brake when moving through a corner, to genuinely swank. You’ll be provided a gravity system and a more clumsy application of left and right switches. A gravity mode will afford you much preferable management over the racing encounter. It uses the built-in gyroscope of the cell phone and also it can keep your hands free, thus enabling you to focus on the gameplay. An excellent result of the tilt system is fewer thumbprints on the display.

There’ll be a keep back, and you’ll be placed in Monaco as you take off remarkably fast, soaring through the highway, and passing or dodging other rivals in your way. You’ll discern a nitrous enhancement on your display’s right side. Do not feel frightened to use it. You’ll require it, particularly for the straightaways and before passing the finish line.

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