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Bike Stunts 2019

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Bike Stunts 2019 is a physics-based stunt bike racing game that is developed by Brite Legend studios who are responsible for other Google Play games such as 'Run Banana Run' and 'Glam Salon - Beauty & Fashion Game' which are two other well-received video games with hundreds of thousands of players and tens of thousands of mostly positive reviews.

In Bike Stunts 2019 you have to go through a variety of levels which each get harder as you progress further into the game, there is no need to collect fuel in this game to keep your bike going instead you just have to make sure not to fall off the track or fall on your head or back which will mean game over for you. There are currently four different bikes to choose from in Bike Stunts 2019 and tons of different maps set in all types of countries and environments.

Bike Stunts 2019


- The game's physics are very realistic which is great for anyone looking to play a serious driving game instead of the more arcade-like alternatives out there on the app store.
- The game is totally free which is always a bonus for such a high-quality game to be available so openly to the public.
- The game promotes that you carry out dangerous and risky stunts in order to gain more points in the game which is a very good feature.
- The game is very highly rated with four out of five stars from over 2000 reviews which reassures you that this is a very good game.


- There are currently only 4 four bikes to choose from which is a bit of a shame as it would have been better if there was a much bigger variety to increase replayability in the game.
- There is no skill or upgrades tree like other platform bike racing games, the developers should seriously look on adding such as a feature.
- The game is powered by advertisements which are not popular with all users but are a necessity for any free app or game to give some sort of incentive to its developers.


To conclude Bike Stunts 2019 is a very good free game for mobile and tablets, it may not be the best driving or racing game out there however for such a small game development studio it is truly an amazing accomplishment. However, they do need to work on adding more features that increase replayability such as more bikes and a skill or upgrades tree.

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