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Bike Racing 2018 - Extreme Bike Race

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Bike Racing 2018 is a competitive bike racing game that is developed by Timuz Games who are a fairly successful game development studio that is behind other games such as Mega Ramp Car Racing, Dinosaur Hunt 2018 and Reckless Roller Coaster Sim 2019. Bike Racing 2018 currently has over 56,000 reviews with a total review score of 4.2 stars out of 5 stars.


- There are multiple stadiums that you can race in that make the game much more interesting compared to just racing in one stadium at every single level.

- There is an option to challenge your Facebook friends to try and beat your racing time in the game, this is a great feature as it makes the game more replayable and more fun due to the social aspect.

- Bike Racing 2018 runs very smoothly on all devices thanks to its lightweight design that has a very low resolution that does not require a very powerful or modern device to play.

- The game comes with a wide range of different bikes that have varying stats that allow you to compete against the A.I in the harder levels.

Bike Racing 2018 - Extreme Bike Race


- The game is free until you get to level 20, after that you need to pay in order to keep playing the game and the other remaining levels. This is a big turn off for the majority of players as the game is advertised as a free to play the game but after you have invested a lot of hours into playing the game you are prompted to pay money in order to keep playing it.

- Bike Racing 2018 also has very poor graphics that look like graphics you will see in the 1990's, this is a big disadvantage as there are far better bike racing games with much better graphics available on the Google Play store.

- There are some glitches reported by users in the review section of Bike Racing 2018 on the Google Play store. Such glitches can force you to have to restart your race which you may have been winning and can annoy a lot of players that experience it.


In conclusion Bike Racing 2018 is not a bike racing game that we would recommend due to the fact that is advertised as a free to play game however after you finish level 20 you are prompted into paying real life money in order to unlock the remaining parts of the game.

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